The Core Conflict of FP&A

In the first part of this discussion we identified the root cause that prevents FP&A to deliver its full value. In fact we have identified a core conflict of FP&A. This conflict can be described in different ways. We can talk about a conflict between effectiveness and efficiency. We can also talk about it as […]

What limits the effectiveness of FP&A?

The daily routine of FP&A professionals revolves around providing reports and analyses for senior and operational management, to manage core processes such as budgeting, forecasting, cost allocation and consolidation. And usually they are hard-pressed for time. At the same time the key complaint from senior and operational management is that the finance professionals really don’t […]

Worlds apart?

Recently I viewed a presentation on the Svenska Handelsbanken management model. For those who do not know it Handelsbanken is one of the world’s most successful financial institutions while their management model sets them apart from most competitors. Shortly afterwards I saw a short documentary on the Dabbawallas of Mumbai, India. The Dabbawallas are an […]