No Common Objective

When we look for solutions to disputes within companies, we tend to work on the basis that the parties have the same goal – the well-being of the company. But this is not necessarily always the case. The company is certainly one system, but within it there are a number of sub-systems with their own […]



According to a new Thai study, 2.33% of adolescents vaccinated with mRNA vaccines against Covid-19 were diagnosed with damage to the heart muscle. 0.3% were diagnosed with myocarditis. This is about twice the rate found among hospitalized Covid-19 patients according to a 2021 study I picked at random, and about 33 times the rate for patients not diagnosed […]

The Ukraine War Exposes the Failures of ‘Ethical’ Business, Says Professor of Finance

Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University, is well known to many of those who have worked in finance. His valuation datasets are widely used by bankers and consultants. But Damodaran does not just collect and publish useful data. In a recent article he asks important questions about the usefulness of […]

Diagrams from my book “From Symptoms to Causes – Applying the Logical Thinking Process to an Everyday Problem”

I have published the following diagrams here since a new policy by Amazon does not allow diagrams in landscape mode, which makes them pretty much unreadable in the Kindle edition. Diagram 6: The Full Current Reality Tree Diagram 14: Overview of a Business Problem Solution Appendix A: Diagram 4: „We define ourselves as a distributor“. […]

Er einhver tilgangur með endurskoðun áætlana núna?

Við erum að upplifa fordæmalausar aðstæður, sem einkennast kannski fyrst og fremst af gríðarlegri óvissu. Óvissa um útbreiðslu faraldursins, um áhrif á heilbrigðiskerfið, um áhrif á neyslu, fjárfestingar, aðfangakeðjuna, hlutabréfaverð, ríkisfjármál, fjármögnun fyrirtækja … Fréttirnar í dag gefa okkur vísbendingar. En hverjar verða þær á morgun? Það er auðvitað nokkuð ljóst að rekstraráætlanir fyrirtækja sem […]