Worlds apart?

Recently I viewed a presentation on the Svenska Handelsbanken management model. For those who do not know it Handelsbanken is one of the world’s most successful financial institutions while their management model sets them apart from most competitors. Shortly afterwards I saw a short documentary on the Dabbawallas of Mumbai, India. The Dabbawallas are an […]

The Logical Thinking Process – Finding the root cause

In the terminology of the Logical Thinking Process we use the term undesirable effects for the issues. Why? Because normally the „problems“ we see are not really the true problems. They are usually consequences of some underlying causes, which are the real problems.

Beyond budgeting – when to change?

Traditional budgeting has for a long time been criticized for encouraging counterproductive behaviour, hindering growth and wasting time on useless excercises. In recent years the Beyond Budgeting methodology has gained ground as an alternative. Being a general management philosophy to a large extent Beyond Budgeting plays down or altogether eliminates the annual budget as a […]